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Woolworths under fire over specials strategy on Cadbury chocolates: ‘Out of hand’

Woolworths customers have criticised a controversial specials strategy on a range of popular Cadbury chocolate buys.

Sharing on Twitter, one shopper shared an image showing the latest offer on confectionery bars including Crunchie, Boost, Moro and Dairy Milk.

The special is giving Woolies customers the chance to buy three chocolate bars for $6, which is a saving of $1.50 for the three.

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“Chips were one thing, but this chocolate bar situation is out of hand,” the X (formerly Twitter) user noted.

Another Woolworths shopper said it was frustrating that customers could only receive a discount if they bought three chocolate bars.

“Not sure if there’s a wider problem of Coles/Woolies doing very average specials for confectionery, but it sure seems worse than it used to be,” he said.

The ‘3 for $6pm’ offer on Cadbury chocolate at Woolworths has raised eyebrows. Credit: Twitter

“Only 50c off per bar is a joke.”

The supermarket is offering a similar deal on various 160-190g blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, where shoppers can buy three blocks for $12 – a saving of $6.

“Paying $6 each for a small block of Cadbury Dairy Milk is insane,” another Woolies shopper said.

“With this special you’re basically getting a block of chocolate for free which is great. But I don’t have a spare $12 to blow on chocolate.

“When did it all get so expensive?”

Woolworths is also offering a ‘3 for $12’ deal on 180g blocks of Dairy Milk. Credit: Woolworths

Last month, Cadbury came under fire when Woolworths customers spotted a baffling detail on various blocks of Dairy Milk chocolate.

Sharing on Reddit, a shopper queried why 360g blocks of the popular chocolate buy were the same price as 180g blocks of the same variety — $6.

The price of 360g blocks has since increased to $7, which is still only $1 more than a block half its size.

With Woolworths’ current special, shoppers would still be better off buying two 360g blocks for $14 — giving them 720g of Dairy Milk — instead of three 180g blocks — and only 540g of chocolate — for $12. understands that the Cadbury “three for $6” and “three for $12” offers fall under Woolworths’ “buy more save more” deals.

The supermarket is also offering half price specials on other products such as the Cadbury Favourites Box.

All deals will last until Tuesday, January 23.

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