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Aussie childcare worker ‘blinded’ after accidentally being shot in the eye with Nerf Gun dart

Three days before Christmas, Manon was lying in bed when her teenaged sister burst through the door.

Armed with a plastic toy gun, the teen shot haphazardly towards her big sister.

WATCH IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: Aussie shares warning after being ‘blinded’ by popular toy.

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The foam dart flew at speed across the room — and hit Manon’s left eye.

“I screamed so loud,” Manon tells 7Life of the incident from just weeks ago.

“It felt like my eye was pushed into my head.”

Slowly, the 22-year-old opened her injured eye but — to her shock — she couldn’t see out of it.

“It was just, like, black,” she explains.

“I was closing my good (right) eye to see if I could see anything (out of the injured eye) and (I could see) nothing.”

After numerous visits to specialists, the childcare worker has gained back the sight in her injured eye.

But she now has a high risk of developing glaucoma, her pupil is “off centre” and she may have permanent damage to the coloured part of her eye, the iris.

She wants to warn all users of toy guns to wear protective goggles when playing with the items.

The accident

Wielding a standard Nerf Gun, Manon’s sister released a single foam dart, which hit the 22-year-old square in the eye.

“The pain only lasted 40 seconds to a minute,” Manon recalls.

But when she opened her eye, she could see only darkness.

Manon was accidently shot in the left eye by a Nerf Gun dart. Credit: TikTok/manon_el

Running to the mirror, she noticed her left pupil had begun to dilate and the white of her eye was bloodshot.

Manon placed her hand over her eye and jumped in the passenger seat as her mum drove to the local hospital in Young in regional NSW.

“I was fine but mum was panicking,” she says.

Once at the hospital, a doctor shone a small torch in her injured eye.

“Instead of just seeing black it went all bright and white and he was asking how many fingers I could see,” she recalls.

“I still couldn’t see anything.”

Manon’s vision is slowly returning. Credit: TikTok/manon_el

The doctor applied a patch to Manon’s eye and sent her to a specialist two hours away in Wagga Wagga.

There, she was giving two different types of eye drops and told she needed complete bedrest.

A pool of blood was delicately sitting behind her retina — and any exercise, heavy lifting or movement could result in the blood migrating and could detach her retina.


Told her blindness was most likely temporary, Manon was instructed to spend the holiday period resting.

“I was in bed for days. I only got up for toilet privileges,” she is now able to joke.

Her pupil had also swollen, almost completely hiding the iris.

Over the next few days, her eyesight slowly began to return.

And by Christmas Day she described her vision as “foggy”.

Another trip to the hospital and a change of eye drops resulted in more improvement in her vision, and she was no longer bed bound.

The young Aussie recommends all Nerf Gun users wear goggles. Credit: TikTok/manon_el

“I still wasn’t allowed to go to the gym or do any heavy lifting. I had to take it easy,” she says.

On December 28 — Manon’s 23rd birthday — she went back to the doctor for a follow up.

Although blurry, her vision was slowly returning and she no longer had to apply any eye drops.

“My vision is pretty much 100 per cent now,” she says.

“I am so lucky (although now) I have a high risk of glaucoma, my pupil is off centre and I may have permanent iris damage.”

Manon doesn’t harbour any hard feelings towards her younger sister.

“I now know why Nerf Guns (suggest using) those protective goggles,” she says.

“I tell everyone now they have to wear them.”

Hasbro, the brand behind the popular toy gun Nerf Gun, states on all Nerf Gun packaging and website: TO AVOID EYE INJURY: WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face. Use of eyewear required for players and people within range. Use only official Hyper rounds. Do not modify rounds or blaster.

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